Consulting services are available on projects of any size, from the development of a single module for a course to the development of a new curriculum. If you are interested in discussing a project or have questions, please contact me.


Currently, I am working on the following projects:

  • Working with a biology department to introduce faculty to evidence-based course design and teaching strategies and to revise their mid-level biology curriculum
  • Developing a course on Undergraduate Research Support and Training for the Computing Research Association and the UR2PHD program with the goal of increasing female participation in computer science PhD programs
  • Mentoring a postdoc at CU Boulder in the teaching of an anatomy and physiology course for biomedical engineers

Below are sample projects that I have worked on previously as a faculty member.

COurse and curriculum design


Program development and assessment


grant exterNal evaluation and advisory board


teaching evaluation and assessment


Implementation and instruction of a mentoring workshop for graduate students and postdocs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Revision of the core curriculum for 3000+ undergraduate biological sciences majors per year at the University of California, Irvine

Creation of a holistic teaching evaluation process for 300+ faculty at the Colorado School of Mines

Development of a novel senior research lab course for quantitative and biosciences engineering (QBE) students at the Colorado School of Mines

Formal course design and teaching mentoring of postdoctoral fellows teaching college STEM courses

Working on a committee to establish best ethical practices for using ChatGPT at the Colorado School of Mines

Development of an anatomy outreach program for local middle school and high school students in Irvine, CA and neighboring communities

Leading the development of a learning goal framework and learning objectives for anatomy and physiology for the educational journal CourseSource