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What’s in your teaching DNA?

In biology, recombinant DNA involves combining DNA from different sources to achieve a desired outcome. At Recombinant Education, we help combine your unique academic strengths and STEM disciplinary knowledge with evidence-based educational strategies via workshops and consulting services to achieve positive outcomes for yourself, your students, and your institution.


Dr. Justin Shaffer, a STEM faculty member with 11+ years experience in the classroom and with discipline-based education research, offers STEM education workshops and consulting in the following areas.

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“Dr. Shaffer conducted a professional development workshop for BYU. He is a dynamic and engaging speaker. The workshop highlighted practical, straightforward methods to engage students more effectively. He coupled his expertise in pedagogy with compelling data on the effectiveness of these techniques. Justin was able to engage a large group of faculty from a variety of disparate disciplines and provide them all with relevant skills. Our faculty walked away inspired as well as prepared to transform their courses into high structure learning environments. I would definitely recommend him!”

Jamie Jensen, Professor, Department of Biology, BYU

“After attending three of his workshops, it is my belief that Dr. Justin Shaffer is a rising star in pedagogy, one of the new generation to come after foundational folks like Drs. Felder & Brent, Wankat, and Stice. Only one unique attribute is his expertise in both chemical engineering and quantitative biology. Justin is revitalizing pedagogical methods with great intellect, energy, and more diversity experience than most others in the field. It has been a pleasure to learn from him.”

E. Dendy Sloan, University Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

“Justin is a fantastic workshop presenter, instructor, and collaborator. His enthusiasm and knowledge of subjects such as course design and active learning clearly show through in his presentations, in which he makes everyone feel engaged, welcome, and inspired. I highly recommend your department or teaching and learning center to invite Justin so that he can work with and inspire your colleagues too.”

Sami Raut, Associate Professor, Department of Biology, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Upcoming Events


April 2024

TWU Open Educational Practices Conference

Talk: Using OER Reading Guides to Help Students Read the Textbook and Improve Exam Scores



April 2024

James Madison University

Seminar: High structure course design across universities, students, and disciplines



April 2024

McNeil Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Step up Clinics

Talk: Service to the community via a start-up education company

Golden, CO


April 2024

Brigham Young University

Talk: The impact of high structure course design across courses, disciplines, and universities

Workshop: High structure course design for STEM disciplines

Provo, UT

May 2024

University of North Carolina

Panel: SPIRE alumni discussion



May 2024

Sacred Heart University

Workshop: Getting started with DBER and SoTL



Sept 2024

Western Region Society for Biomaterials Symposium

Panel: Faculty career paths

Aurora, CO

Oct 2024

Florida Tech University Department of Chemical Engineering

Seminar: High structure course design to improve engineering student success



Nov 2024

3rd International Meeting of the Portuguese Society of Physiology

Advanced Seminar: High structure course design for physiology


Select Recent Events


January 2024

University of Colorado Student Engagement through Technology Symposium

Workshop: Using modern iClicker questions to promote student engagement

Boulder, CO


Nov 2023

POD Network Conference

Workshop: High structure design for STEM courses

Pittsburgh, PA


October 2023

University of Business and Technology, College of Engineering (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Workshop: High structure design for STEM courses



October 2023

University of California, Irvine

Talk: The impact of high structure course design across courses, disciplines, and universities

Workshop: Faculty peer observation protocols to improve student learning and outcomes

Irvine, CA


October 2023

Purdue University Biology Education Seminar Series

Talk: The impact of high structure course design across courses, disciplines, and universities



August 2023

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Biology Department

Workshops: High structure course design, active learning, and backward design for biology curricula

Edinburg, TX


July 2023

Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research

Long talk: The impact of high structure course design across courses, disciplines, and universities

Minneapolis, MN

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Recombinant Education LLC

Founded by Justin Shaffer, PhD

Golden, CO


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